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Hi there! We are Porexplan Thematical Decoration

We create any form and volume on a large scale

POREXPLAN was founded in 2002 as the result of a dream from Dani Menor (sculptor and plastic artist) who takes his studies in sculpture in Fine Arts and his few years experience as scenographic constructor and takes them into his own world, for making real the world most demanding projects for TV, Cinema, Advertising, Leisure and Events Productions.

Porexplan has a unique and professional team with broad experience in scenography, design and manufacture of themed decorations and commercial atmosphere of places.

Years of experience and our concern for providing hight creative solutions, has turn our core business into that artistic area who create themed spaces for decoration and the creation of unique ambiences.

We create scenography, scenery, sculptures, embossments, theming, floats for parades, prototypes, fictitious, corporeals, stands, dolls, big sized replicas, figures, christmas decoration, atrezzo, atmospheres, urban sculpture, rounabouts, murals, signage, logos, prototyping, gigantisms, special furniture, window shopping, ephemeral and ornamental architecture, propotional items, etc.

“We use Expanded Polyestyren (EPS) as main raw material and reinforce it depending their final use, durability or budget so we can offer higher quality and better service on each project.”

Dani Menor

Sculptor & visual artist
Diana Calvo

Diana Calvo


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